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Among coaches and athletes "Spinners" are rapidly gaining popularity: a simulator for practicing rotations! Simulates the behavior of a ridge blade on ice.

The Spinner is "sensitive" to the wrong position of the skater when doing rotations and is very durable.

For best results, you can now work rotations and jump off the ice.

The Spinner will spin well on a hard and smooth surface indoors and outdoors.

Weight - 240 gr.

Dimensions: 24 cm long, 9 cm wide (at the widest part) and 1.5 cm high (at the highest part).

The shapes of the longitudinal and transverse arches of the support platform are as close as possible to the average shape of the blades. Product weight balance.

The center of gravity of roulette is strictly at the center of a complex volumetric geometric figure.

The original design of the applied drawing and appearance. low wear and surface durability

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