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Made of aluminum alloy top quality and extraordinary strength and number 420 C steel, polished chrome look full up.

The aluminum base is curved to conform to the base of the boot, the anchor holes are designed to focus the blade under the heel before finally fixing position.

The design of the sides of the blade allow placement in sharpening machine without any special adapter and provides excellent brightness and flash with its prismatic design giving a mirror effect and chrome.

The blade embedded within the aluminum base has a width of 4 mm.

The extraordinary hardness of steel 420 C makes it necessary to sharpen the blade less often than any other.

The curvature of the blade has three radios.

The area of ​​the mountains in the area of ​​ground is designed for practicing figure skating in free form and has the teeth of the cross in various directions sierra and dimensioned in order to adhere to the ice in the most efficient way possible in steps and pirouettes.

Sizes quarter-inch from 8/0/0 to 11/0/0.

Profile Pattern 99

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